2020 graduates of our CLI's course for social entrepreneurs

Organizational Management for Social Entrepreneurs

Curriculum Goals and Objectives
The goal of the educational program of the Institute for Social Enterprises is to enhance social entrepreneurship by offering a course that bridges instruction with practical applied knowledge. Our 12-week program covers a range of topics, both fundamental and problem-based, including social justice practices, business planning, legal issues, finance and fundraising, partnerships, and community impact.

By using an interactive approach, participants create and grow a sustainable non-profit organization with a social justice mission that engages a timely issue identified as one of the area’s most pressing social and/or environmental problems. Participants take away a plan of action for the next steps. ISE serves as a brain trust encouraging peer learning, networking with community experts, providing tips for online resources, and alumni follow-up for continued growth.

Each term ISE offers one competitive Blueprint Project Award (BPPA) per course to a non-profit organization that is ready to enact its social justice mission. The organization will serve as the model non-profit to demonstrate the application of course content. The Award includes many benefits such as targeted attention, a final evaluatory report, and a $1,000 grant.

For more information, visit: ISE Blueprint Project

Instructional Approach
The online course includes an interactive session where participants learn via real-world experiences provided by guest lecturers who are community-based experts, connect with peers in small group virtual breakout sessions, work alongside a “BluePrint Project” demonstration to grow a sustainable non-profit organization, and walk away with a plan to put into immediate action. The course includes access to online resources and networking opportunities.